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Home Countertops

The range of available materials being slated for use as kitchen and bath countertops today is impressive and surprising, to say the least. From gorgeous aggregate materials that mimic natural stone to slabs made of counterfeit dollar bills; you’ll have a wide range of composites and aesthetics to consider when making your selection.


By choosing a countertop material with a lesser overall environmental impact then traditional materials like marble or granite, you will be doing your part to quell further groundwater contamination and erosion; two of the significant repercussions of natural stone mining.


While the make-up of a handful of our offerings does include Portland Cement, which consists of mined minerals; its content typically represents less than 15% of materials used in the countertop composite. The remaining components of these materials consist of post-industrial or post-consumer recycled goods.




Windfall Lumber

Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Countertops Icestone Windfall Lumber

ECO by Cosentino

Trinity Glass

Squak Mountain Stone

ECO by Cosentino Trinity Glass by Tiger Mountain Innovations Squak Mountain Stone by Tiger Mountain Innovations




Paperstone EcoTop Alkemi

Teragren Bamboo

Teragren Bamboo Countertops

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