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Home Paints & Stains
Paints & Stains

If you’ve ever unpacked boxes in your new place and found yourself overwhelmed by a “new paint smell”, you’ll appreciate the lengths to which our founders have gone to provide healthy alternatives to traditional, toxic paints and stains. Our diverse line of products offers options for every space, project type, and level of chemical sensitivity; regardless of style preference or budget. All of our paints and stains are low-odor and many contain ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs: Registered carcinogens whose use results in poor overall air quality).

YOLO Colorhouse ap realmilkpaint

Yolo Colorhouse Zero-VOC
Interior Paint

American Pride Zero-VOC |
Interior & Exterior Paint

Real Milk Paint Traditional
Cassein Paint

afm bio durostain

AFM Safecoat Metal Primer
& Wall Glazes

Bioshield Clay Paint
& Wall Glazes

AFM Safecoat - Durostain

soycrete aquaresin

Franmar Soy-Gel Paint &
Urethane Remover

EcoProcote Soy-based
Concrete Stain

Bioshield Aqua Resin
Stain Finish

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