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The staff at greenspace have received hands-on training from industry pros at innovative companies like Osmo and Eco Safety Products, two of the companies that offer greener alternatives to traditional sealers and lacquers that off-gas for years after initial application.


Although some of the products we carry are oil-based, in the manner of traditional finishes, we have carefully selected products that have low VOC content (ex: Bioshield Hard Oil #9, <250grams/liter) and have been recommended to us by artisan carpenters and do-it-yourselfers alike. We also stock water-based sealers, some of which have a plant-derived content of more than 60%.


Whether you are finishing flooring, cabinetry, or a crib for your newborn, we’ll be able to offer a handful of choices to help you select the right sealer for your project.



AFM Safecoat


Eco Safety Products AFM Safecoat Bioshield
Bio-based Decorative stains, sealers, & finishes Stains & Finishes for the Chemically sensitive Natural Paints & Stains


Pure Tung Oil


osmo Pure Tung Oil by Real Milk Paint Preservawood
Plant Oil based Wood Stains & Finishes Pure, un-cut Tung Oil California Made Decking, Fencing, & Siding Sealer

Metacreme by DryTreat

Bonakemi Traffic

metacreme by Dry Treat Bonakemi
Lime Plaster, Natural Stone, & Concrete Sealer High-Traffic Hardwood Floor Finish

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