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Home Tile

Although the production of ceramic, porcelain, and glass tile thankfully has a minimal known environmental impact; we are proud to offer multiple lines of recycled-content tile, suitable for a variety of applications.


Some highlights of our offerings in this genre include 100% recycled glass tiles made by Fireclay Tile and Bedrock Industries; unique and beautiful Showercork tiles; and a greenspace favorite: Ergon Engineered Stone

Fireclay Debris
Series Tile

Ergon Engineered Stone

Emil Ceramica

Fireclay Debris Series Ergon Engineered Stone Emil Ceramica Porcelain Tile

Crossville Porcelain Tile

Terra Green Ceramics

Crush Recycled Glass
Tile by Fireclay

EcoCycle by Crossville Terragreen Ceramics Sandhill Recycled Glass Tile

Blazestone Tile by
Bedrock Industries


Hakatai Glass Tile


Blazestone Tile by Bedrock Industries   Sustainable Flooring Shower-Cork

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